Acute low back pain

From Yelp: I went to Marianne with acute pain in my lower back late 2013. I was unable to move freely and desperate for some relief. I’d never tried acupuncture before but heard of its benefits from friends, especially for nerve related injuries. Since I felt my pain was nerve related AND I already had a relationship with Marianne through my own business, I decided to give her a call. Marianne has a very warm and caring nature backed by intuitive and technical skill. Its a wonderful combination! She was able to relieve much of my discomfort after one visit and eliminate all the pain in my back within a few weeks. An MRI later showed that I had slipped a disk. Marianne has also helped me overcome physical discomfort in other areas of my body and made some exercise and supplement suggestions that have been very helpful to my overall health. I continue to see Marianne on a monthly basis because, as a side benefit, I’ve felt more emotionally balanced since going to see her.