Reasonable prices and highly skilled

From Google: Marianne is a highly skilled acupuncturist. She listens deeply, responds compassionately and professionally, is very thorough, and knows her stuff. I came to her for one issue and, through our discussions, she picked up on other issues I was having. Now she’s treating them all! I didn’t even know acupuncture could treat these other issues. Hot flashes are one of the issues. I used to have as many as one an hour. With Marianne’s help (and in just a few treatments, I might add), I now only have one or two a day. She also recommends ways that I can help myself, which is very empowering. Marianne is also very reasonably priced, so even without insurance, she is affordable. She truly wants us to heal, and she makes her fees accessible so the “average” person can come to see her as often as we need to in order to heal. I highly recommend Marianne Benforado for whatever ails you!