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I have temporarily “suspended” my in-person acupuncture practice as part of the global effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

But no worries….I’m still here to support you and am offering tele-health online wellness sessions. Your one on one holistic wellness session can be provided over many communication mediums, including Zoom, FaceTime, and phone. Please let me know which option works best for you. To schedule, please call me at 831-212-3090.

Each hour long session costs $75 and includes:

A general wellness check in
Overview of Chinese Medicine principles with ideas to support sleep, guide wise nutritional choices, and decrease stress.
A Guided Meditation for deep relaxation with body scan and breathing exercises
Qi Gong or stretches specifically for your situation
“Homework” consisting of a stretches and lifestyle choices

If appropriate, I can prescribe herbs and supplements.

Payment is due prior to the start of your appointment. The morning of your tele-health session, I will email you an invoice to pay online with a credit card.

I’d love to be on your health team! Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Call 8312123090
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