Hummingbirds Make the World Go Round!

Big news! I am thrilled and delighted to introduce my new logo. I hope you love it as much as I do!!

The logo beautifully represents elements that are meaningful to me. It is a public declaration of who I am, what I believe in, and what my intentions are for my acupuncture practice.

The Image

This spring, I lost a dear friend to lung cancer. I found myself feeling her presence through the birds, clouds, trees, and sparkles on the water. For sure, I will always miss her physical body and the joy of laughing, walking, and working together. But I know from my spiritual practice that we are more than our bodies. Soon after her death, I was watering the manzanita daisies and a hummingbird flew back and forth through the stream of water. It then perched itself on a nearby fence just a few feet from me to bathe in the spray—it was magical! It brought me such joy. I knew immediately my logo was a hummingbird!

According to spirit animal wisdom, the hummingbird represents the lightness of being and the enjoyment of life. Isn’t that perfect? That is my wish for anyone I meet, whether I am at work or out and about in the world.

The Colors

In creating the hummingbird image, I felt it was important to include the vibrant colors of the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine as they represent health and balance.

Earth yellow – connection
Metal white – inspiration
Water blue – intuition
Fire red – joy
Wood green – growth

The Sparkle

You’ll also notice a sparkle burst. Life’s sparkle was essential to acknowledge in some way. The magic of the “aha” moment. The glittering of the sun on the water. That divine inspiration. God. Love. Miracles. Healing. All good things. Sometimes we need a reminder of an outer sparkle to remember our inner sparkles! 

I regularly talk with my patients about the upward healing spiral that can start with acupuncture. It can often be the first step on the path towards health and vitality. My hope is that the hummingbird logo inspires you to continue on that path. And may it bring you joy, ease, and a smile.

I would love to hear from you! Do you love hummingbirds? Any good stories from a fluttering visitation? Please feel free to email me any hummingbird magic!!!

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