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Growing Old Gracefully: an online Zoom class sponsored by Dominican Hospital PEP classes

September 17, 2020 @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am



Tired all the time? Don’t have the energy you used to? Come to this class to learn how to maintain your vitality and strength while growing older. Science is now proving that lifestyle choices can be as important as genetics when it comes to aging well. This class will focus on building healthy habits and a few key principles that can give you a boost as you age and improve quality of life.

We’re all born with a certain amount of “Qi” which is often translated to Life Force Energy. You might think of it as your constitution. In Chinese medical theory, this is the qi that is slowly diminished as we age. You get what you get – it’s like a bank account you are born with. You cannot contribute to this qi and grow the original deposit but you can save it by adopting healthy lifestyle habits. Things like getting adequate sleep or eating healthy regular meals can make a huge difference in preserving that original qi. When you don’t eat or sleep well then your body turns to the Qi savings account so it can function. Slowly this life force energy is diminished and you are aging ahead of your time.

So the class is going to focus on Yangshen which translates to Cultivation and Preservation of Life. There’s so much we can do on a daily basis to age well! Quality of life is just as important as quantity of life!


Cost $15

Pre-registration required

Call PEP at 831-457-7099 or here is the link to register online:



Online Zoom Class
Zoom link will be provided when you register


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