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Healthy Bones: let’s talk about Osteoporosis

April 4 @ 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

If you have been diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis or have a family history, come learn about holistic approaches to Healthy Bones. Chinese medicine has five branches – acupuncture, herbs, movement such as Qi Gong, therapeutic massage, and nutrition – and all of them can be extremely helpful in supporting bone health.We will focus on:

  • Exercises that benefit your bones
  • Foods and herbs that support optimum bone health
  • Balancing the Yin and Yang of bone building
  • Using body mind and spirit practices to support your body’s own healing mechanisms


There’s so much more to Chinese medicine than acupuncture needles, and I absolutely LOVE giving classes and public talks to delve into these additional wellness areas.

While acupuncture treatments can be wonderful (and even miraculous at times!), my purpose is always to educate people on the importance of day-to-day choices. Ultimately, it is my passion to share health-related information to provide people with tools and resources that they can use at home. There is so much we can do for ourselves to feel better in body, mind, and spirit!

I will give you lots of ideas in this class that you can implement immediately.


Cost $15

Pre-registration required

Call PEP at 831-457-7099 or sign up online at this link: